Happiness is not a secret, achieving it everyday is within your own realm of power.


It’s a conscious decision everyday to look at the upside of down and appreciate

the brightness that lives inside of every situation.

No, it isn’t always easy to look at the glass half full,

but it is necessary.

Daily habits become ritualistic after practicing them for a prolonged period of time.

Which is why, the daily decision to be optimistic is essential for positive progression!


Here are TEN Habits to help you develop a positive outlook on each day.


Let the past, remain the past

Regardless of what has happened in the  past, you cannot let that affect your future. Change in life is inevitable , sometimes for the better.

Therefore, dwelling on things you regret will only hinder you from moving forward in your new direction. Taking too much time to cope for the

mistakes you’ve made can create a negative mindset, let go of it. Perhaps you need to ask for the forgiveness of another person or even yourself,

DO IT NOW. Time to move onward without looking back, greatness is ahead  and the past belongs to yesterday.



Don’t mind and Opinions of others won’t matter

People will always talk and everyone is a critic. Once a reaction from their opinions is displayed, an outsider finds satisfaction.

Being successful starts with a confidence within yourself, knowing who you are as a person and having a solid foundation that can’t be cracked.

Without fear of what other’s think or say, you should shed the light you have to offer to this world in it’s brightest hue. Some will believe in

you and some will only try to break you down, regardless just stay true to yourself. In the end, that’s what matters most. Like my mama always said,

“Dance like no one is watching!”




Everything worth having takes time, dedication and a sacrifice

Deciding what you want to achieve can be easy, the journey is the difficult part. Once you have  acknowledged that

you’re going to have to devote yourself entirely to the vision in your mind, every opportunity, obstacle and blessing

you come across along the way will become the heart of your life. Hard work and diligence will  eventually lead to the

places you always imagined, so starting right now in this very moment… realize that every little thing you are doing is building

another stepping stone to the garden in which you intend to reach. That time, energy and heart you put into everything, will pay

off in the end. It will be something worth having.


Happiness starts with your decision to be happy

Have you ever looked at someone who always appears happy and thought, “why are they this way and why can’t I have that?”

The answer is simple, it’s all in your head.Genuinely happy people don’t have some special super power, enlightenment or privilege.

What they do have is the insight on a mentality to create a life of happiness.

There is no amount of money, number of materialistic things you own or substance that can supply you with a lifetime of happiness,

but a humbled and grateful attitude leads to perpetual happiness. Joy for life comes from deeper within, for me personally… it is God and

being thankful for all he has given me to be happy about. Each day when we rise, we  decide to be grateful for the sunshine illuminating our

bedroom or miserable at the fact that the sun’s burning our eyes.

Either way, the decision to make yourself jubilant starts with the decision to be happy.


Overthinking is a Killjoy

Sitting, waiting and wishing and thinking about every possible mistake, hijacks joy that your supposed to live in. Emotions are caused from our ticking brains, talking  us in and out of scenarios. Life is like a roller coaster, in more ways than it just taking you up a slope and back down. Think about it…as a child I remember my first roller coaster ride, as I approached the attraction I stared in awe and then my mind began to race. “wow! Can I ride that? How does it move? This is so exciting! I’m terrified right now! How does it keep the people inside? What if it doesn’t hold me?” The final decision though, “LET’S DO IT!” I stopped overthinking, had faith I would be fine and  found joy in the ride. Stop overthinking everything and savor the moment.

Smile, always and forever

Smiling, it is the same in every language. Opening the doors to so many possibilities, where the beginning of the love lies and hope that lives within you is portrayed! There is no excuse  that we can’t crack a smile, even on the darkest days there still so much to grin about. Taking the time to look at those positives and smile like you mean it, WILL make an impact. For me personally, I have learned a lot about the power of my smile from serving tables. Random right? Often times people have stopped and thanked me as I am serving them dinner for smiling, some ask if I always smile and others have told me to never lose it. They are impacted by the simple gesture of welcomeness that came from a happy face, which easily leads to break the ice between a strangers. Keep that smile sunshine, because walking through life with a cheerfulcheergu grin makes things much easier.

“”Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

Remember the storm will pass and the sun will shine again

When the rain is pouring down on you and everything feels like a natural disaster, remind yourself that the storm will pass and triumph that comes without struggle is never gratifying in the end. Nothing can change the acts of God and occurrences that happen to us, but one thing I can attest to is continuing to dance in the rain during those storms can teach you a lot. Keep your eyes fixed on the sky, feet firmly on the ground and the sun will shine again soon.

Talk less and listen to more wisdom

Listening and learning from others is one of the greatest privileges on Earth. Genuinely being interested in other people and what they have to been through and experienced can change the way you view everything.  Being open to other’s perspectives and gaining knowledge from the experiences they’ve been through can unintentionally teach you a lot about yourself. The world is continually giving us answers to life, all we really need to do, is turn down the noise around us and listen closely. One of my favorite authors, Ernest Hemingway once said, “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” That my friends is entirely factual, so in order to gain wisdom we must seek out wise counsel, quiet our mouths and begin to learn everywhere we go.

Get the courage to grow

Change is something that can excite and terrify you,sometimes even at the same time. Growth requires us to be vulnerable and pushed out of our comfort zones. Once we acquire courage to step into a new direction we have to breathe deep and have faith to let whatever is meant to happen take its course. Regardless of what age or what it is that your heart yearns for, change is inevitable… so we may as well embrace it with hope. Life is a one time deal, so when we are about to launch we must make the decision to either fly or soar. With the right amount of courage… you can soar.


As you wake each day and now decide to make yourself happy, I hope that you wouldtake a minute to reflect back on the ten habits I’ve listed above and maybe even apply one or  two of them at a time to your life. Developing these habitually, takes time… start slowly and be kind to yourself along the way.



Thanks for checking in,


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