Who defines them? What defines them? How do we liberate them?

This is my definition of FLAWS






FLAWS is my effort attempt and passion to help alter the worldly standards placed in the mind sets of people around the world. I aspire to share with you  them the freedom and comfort of embracing yourself, your life and your circumstance as they are.

No alterations, modifications, judgments or criteria to be met.

And changing them into positives.

Like a photograph; front the negatives develops a positive.

FLAWS is  an all around effort to help you and I

our genuine and true beauty. Both inside and out.

How can we do that?

It begins inside of us; through mental strength.

Empowering a positive mental attitude), proliferating the power of self love and promising our own potential success in any aspect of life.

Regardless of your background, color, race, size, economical status,

culture, religion, beliefs, interests, likes, dislikes, political party, favorite football team, circumstance.. etc.


IT DOESN’T MATTER. The only thing that does, is YOU and how you perceive yourself.

You’re leaving worldly standards and measures of self worth and creating them for yourself. You define beauty, you decide what makes you successful and most of all you love yourself along the way.

So, from this moment on, we make a pact in life.

To embrace FLAWS.

And to create the rest of our lives to be the beautiful

Flaws is a campaign aiming to raise awareness and stop the abuse of negative perception of one’s self image and promoting PMA in our daily life.



FLAWS stands for,






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