ell, I am Mika Rotunda. It’s probably likely that you know my name is some sort of light in the entertainment business. The sports entertainment business to be exact.

Yes, I come from a long lineage of WWE superstars and wrestlers, but that is one small specimen that describes who I am or the life I lead.

As a media professional, I have been determined to blaze my own trail and seize opportunities both in front or behind the scenes of production and entertainment.

Embracing life and all aspects of life is what I believe in. Traveling to new places, seizing new experiences, learning about foreign cultures, tasting different foods, diving into deep waters, seeing and hearing the sound of a new day in an exotic way. 

Venturing to live life, outside of the box in all aspects of life.  


Fitness and nutrition are also a huge part of my life, but on a much deeper level than probably meets the eye. 

Seven years ago, I decided to no longer be a statistic to our Country’s obesity rate. No more finishing last, settling for what I thought was irreversible and refusing to accept a label of “morbidly obese!” Today, I am thankful for the journey, lifestyle and mentality gained through my transformation. No, I’m not all about “weight loss” or being known for a physique, but I am passionate about sharing my personally journey with others and inspiring.  

    Compassion and respect for others is what inspires my world. To help encourage other people of any size, race, walk of life or background to empower their life and strive to meet their greatest potential.  


    My life is a testimony for the power of the human mind, personal capabilities, the proof of hard work, strength of faith and power of positivity creating visions into reality.  


Living to inspire and be inspired all around the world is my life’s purpose! 

JOIN ME and stay tuned for the journey ahead… 


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